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Full Spectrum Improvisation Classes & Workshops

Full Spectrum training releases powerful creative energy, imagination and natural spontaneity. Beyond comedy “Improv,” FSI activates full emotional and physical range to create Improvisational Theatre of authenticity and substance, as well as joyful, intoxicating play.
Classes include expressive movement and voice, storytelling, acting technique & discovering personal material.
  • Make peace with your inner critic
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Develop confidence and ease
  • Practice connecting/collaborating with others
All classes are ongoing. Join almost any time. Please call or email with questions and to register. Please register at least 48 hours in advance of class. And, feel free to check with us at the last minute if you have a sudden impulse to come to class. Subsidized tuition for low-income and BIPOC folks available.
BERKELEY IMPROV and ACTING CLASS – Intermediate / Advanced Class

Teachers: Joya Cory, Marcia Aguilar

Location: Wildcat Studio – 2525 8th Street, Berkeley CA

Time: SATURDAYS 1 pm – 4:30 pm

Dates: June 10,17, 24 | July 8, 15, 22. TRY IT OUT, Single class $50, June 10 & 17

Class Size: 12 max

If you want to go deeper than you have in comedy improv class, this training is for you. Take a deep dive into creative collaboration while developing your skills as an improvising actor. Expand your range of movement and voice and practice techniques to create rich and artful improvised language. You’ll get lots of personal attention to address your strengths and challenges. We’ll have some big fun playing and performing together.

4 Class Series: sliding scale – $150-$210 Your tuition for 4 classes can be used within 8 weeks.

3 Day FSI Intensive Workshop – Intermediate/ Advanced

Teachers: Joya Cory

Location: Wildcat Studio – 2525 8th Street, Berkeley CA

Time: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11am-5pm (18 hours)

Dates: August 18, 19 & 20

Class Size: 12 max

Sliding scale – $280-$320

    New SAN RAFAEL IMPROV Class.  All welcome.

Teacher: Joya Cory

Location: West Coast Arts Studio, 1554 Fourth Street, (nr F St), San Rafael, CA (in the back of the parking lot.)

Time: SUNDAYS, 11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Dates: June 4, 18 | July 9, 23

Class Size: 12 max

If you’ve never taken an Improv class but always wanted to or you’re new to FSI but have some experience with other forms of improvisation, or you want help with your fear of public speaking, or you just want to have some deep fun, this class is for you. We’ll focus on creative play and expand expressiveness with storytelling, games and exercises that engage your full range of movement, voice, and emotion.

Classes may be taken individually or as a series. Single Class: $50, 3 consecutive classes: $125. FSI policy re attendance: Credit is given for a missed class in a series in the case of emergency or illness only.

Weekend Workshop – Beginner/Intermediate

Teachers: Joya Cory

Location: West Coast Arts Studio, 1554 Fourth Street, (nr F St), San Rafael, CA (in the back of the parking lot.)

Time: Saturday, and Sunday 10am-3pm (10 hours)

Dates: August 5 & 6

Class Size: 12 max

Sliding scale – $180- $210

ONLINE Improv Class (ZOOM Virtual) – All Levels

Teachers: Joya Cory

Location: Zoom Virtual

Time: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Dates: Every Wednesday

Class Size: 10 max

We focus on 2 person scenes and a variety of storytelling structures.

5 Class Series: sliding scale – $100-$125

Teacher Bios
Joya Cory Master teacher JOYA CORY, has been performing since 1971. She is the creator of numerous original theatre pieces, acts, directs & teaches in a wide variety of venues and founded the Improvisation troupes, MOTION: The Womens’ Performance Collective & LUCKY DOG THEATRE. Her work has been recognized with grants from the California Arts Council, in addition to other grants and awards. Through years of experimenting with many forms & techniques of IMPROVISATIONAL THEATRE, Joya has developed FULL SPECTRUM IMPROVISATION drawing on principles & exercises from Physical Theatre, Dramatic & Narrative Improvisation, Movement Viewpoints, Comedy Improv, Creative Play & Drama Therapy. Joya has trained actors, therapists, teachers, public speakers and business people, as well as teaching movement and drama for healing. She is a dedicated and innovative teacher. Reviews of Joya’s classes are on
Marcia AguilarArriving in San Francisco in 2009, Marcia Aguilar walked into Joya Cory’s Full Spectrum Improvisation class to discover herself. As a bilingual drama therapist, Marcia fuses play, theater, and healing. She specializes in Developmental Transformations, an embodied art practice. Marcia also directs self-revelatory performances, guiding actors towards healing through original theatrical pieces. As a recent recipient of the SF Arts Commission grant, she is devising her third solo show. Marcia teaches Improv for Real Life with Berkeley Improv and hosts an Improv for BIPOC drop-in on Sundays. Visit for more info.
Sidonie StarrSidonie Starr has been studying Full Spectrum Improvisation with Joya since 2015. With a background in masks, puppets, and other forms of physical theater, Sid seeks to integrate the abstract, musical, and highly-physical with improv. She is also active in the world of Narrative Improv, currently as faculty at Leela (SF), where she teaches a class nicknamed “emotional literacy for improvisors.” Previously, she was Director of Experimental Programming at Pan Theater (Oakland) where she produced the Lab Show series, which supported improvisors devising their first shows.
Full Spectrum Improvisation ClassesTaught in a supportive atmosphere, this training releases powerful creative energy, imagination and natural spontaneity. Deep Fun! More Info
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