Joya Cory Presents Full Spectrum Improvisation, Storytelling & Solo Performance in the SF Bay Area

Full Spectrum Improv

Full Spectrum Improvisation, Storytelling & Solo Performance classes taught by master teacher, Joya Cory, in Marin County and Berkeley, CA

Joya Cory

In Joya’s classes & workshops you’ll unlock your larger self, accessing the daring, unfettered, self-of-all-possibilities. You’ll expand your range of self-expression while connecting with others in a supportive community. Get full descriptions of Joya’s classes using the links to the right.
“Joya approaches improvisation as an art form, while using it as a tool for personal growth and exploration.She helps her students work as an ensemble, while holding each of us with great care. She builds on our strengths, while stretching our growing edges. Joya’s feedback is compassionate, yet honest, artistically oriented yet psychologically empowering. This is not therapy, but I found the work to be deeply therapeutic. I say, if you have even the tiniest impulse to give Joya’s class a try, follow that impulse!”– Rosy Aronson, Expressive Arts Therapist, artist    

“Joya is simply one of the best improvisation instructors around. If you are stuck in your head when onstage and find yourself limited in your capacity to trust your instincts, Joya can help you get past the inner critic that is getting in your way. In my years of studying the craft I have never worked with anyone who has had such a profound impact on me and who contributed as much to my success as a performer. I can not recommend her enough.” – Dwayne McDaniel, Improvisor & Producer with EndGames, SFBarprov and other San Francisco institutions.    
“After twenty years in the darkness away from acting, Joya Cory coaxed me back into the light with these kind words, “Just try it. What could it hurt?” Joya’s genius is in her openness and love of exploration. She reintroduced me to the fun of being on stage and after that, pointed the light in the direction of a life in theater. I moved to New York and was eventually awarded a 2006 New York Innovative Theater Award Nomination for Best Actor. I have signed with a manager. I’m involved in projects I never thought possible. And I have never been happier. All of this opportunity would not have happened without Joya’s belief, her trust, her encouragement. “Just try it. “ – Jess Draper, Actor, New York
Joya is available to lead Team-Building Workshops for working groups. For more information, please click here. Joya is also available to coach your Improv Troupe. Let her help you make your Improvisational Theatre performances more artful and satisfying. Contact Joya (415) 812-3127
Joya’s book is finally published. Hallelujah, Huzzah and Hurray! TWO WORLDS AT THE SAME TIME: Full Spectrum Improvisation For The Theatre and Life is available here. For more infor visit the book page or click here.
Full Spectrum Improvisation ClassesTaught in a supportive atmosphere, this training releases powerful creative energy, imagination and natural spontaneity. Deep Fun! More Info
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