Full Spectrum Improvisation, Storytelling & Solo Performance classes taught by master teacher, Joya Cory, in Marin County and Berkeley, CA

Joya Cory

Student Testimonials

“Last night, I gave a reading in Alameda, and it’s really so amazing how well I did. The improv has helped so much. Standing before the group, I was able to stay in the moment, and even while reading my piece, I could listen to the audience and feel them listening to me. Really an amazing experience; I’m so very happy to have taken your classes. What magical work you do, Joya.”

~ Jennifer Kerr, writer

“Joya used her magic to train our staff in easy and fun theater games that we’ll be able to take back to our students. Joya is a powerful and effective teacher with a real gift of creating a safe environment to work/play in.”

~ Vicki Abadesco, Teacher, Soul Shoppe Elementary Peace Program

“I look forward to Joya’s class each week because its a place where I can express myself and feel comfortable knowing that I won’t be judged. From an acting or performance art perspective her class is extremely helpful in feeling comfortable on stage as well as being able to think on your toes. Joya has broken down improv into specific exercises that anyone can understand and use from simply warming up to applying them to a performance setting. Her method of improv deals with the fundamentals of acting itself such as physical life, buy emotional life, purchase and the relationships of characters. Every week I learn something new and every week I have a great time. I can’t recommend her class enough.”

~ Nathan, Filmmaker

“What I gain from Joya’s work is the feeling you get when you travel to a new place in which you stretch and challenge yourself to meet the new reality. You discover pride and satisfaction in your response to the new geography. The long-term effect is you feel changed forever. The lingering effects of even one of her weekly classes are subtle, powerful, freeing and, again, long term. The simplicity of her work is deceptive. You feel like you’re just playing around, but in fact you are doing serious, amazing work, the effects of which you feel only later in ‘the real world.’ I unequivocally recommend Joya’s classes.”

~ Deborah Alstad, Ex-business executive

“I have loved my work with Joya. She covers a lot of territory in her classes, requiring you to bring out and express all aspects of your being. She is not afraid to experiment and venture into new territory, which is where real growth happens.”

~ Vinit Allen, director, Sustainable World Coalition, musician

“Joya’s class has shown me that the deep, dark secrets I’ve kept hidden at great cost are nothing but feelings to express, stories to tell, movements to dance and sounds to play with. I am beginning to think of m self and my life more in terms of a range of possibilities than a set of limitations. And the fearsome people I meet are magically transformed into unique and varied playmates.”

~ Carol Sheinfeld

“Joya’s class is enlivening, entertaining and expansive. She creates a supportive atmosphere in which to explore ones’ creativity and generously shares her expertise in this wonderful art-form The training has been helpful in many aspects of my life. And why shouldn’t it be? Life is, after all, improvisational!”

~ Padma Moyer, LCSW

“I get a big jolt of JOY taking Joya’s classes and it is great for my morale, heart and spirit. Taking these Improv classes helps me deal with daily life also.”

~ Louise Vogel

“As a student of Joya Cory’s Full Spectrum Improvisational Workshops for over a year I have tapped into and awakened my creative self within. Joya encourages us to explore and trust our feelings and intuition using movement ,voice and emotion. Since warming up these muscles I have decided to take a chance and pursue my love of theater and performance. Learning to trust myself allows me to take chances, translating into a more genuine and emotional performance. Joya’s class has taken the fear out of taking a risk. These lessons provide me with an actor’s advantage, to absorb the moment and use all the emotion and experience I have, resulting in a genuine and unique theatrical piece.”

~ Oriana Macgregor, acting student

“Hi Joya, Just a big THANKS for a wonderful workshop yesterday I learned a lot!! and enjoyed your very grounded, supportive, outrageous, open presence and self. and what a great group of people! I am aware, in retrospect, of a couple of times when I suppressed my impulse because of a self judgment that I wasn’t even aware of the time. So it is good to get that information. and I was actually delighted and surprised to find out that for the most part, I felt safe and free enough to NOT sensor the impulses and material coming through. I hope we will get to play again.”

~ Carolina Davis, Dance teacher, Marin
In The Press
Review Article in SF Chronicle Four-woman troupe proves life is improv / Lucky Dog players act spontaneously

“When the stage lights come up on the Lucky Dog Theatre Troupe, no one — not even the actors — knows what will happen next. The result is a lively mix of drama and humor that is the hallmark of full- spectrum improvisation, the specialty of the four-woman troupe whose six-show fall season begins Sunday in San Anselmo.”

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Review Article in S. F. Tribune Online LUCKY DOG THEATRE at Bannam Place Theater

“Welcome to Improv Theater where you will witness the birth of new artistic history. If we could use few words to describe this fantastic female group we could call them GODDESSES. Yes, in reality that is what they are: Goddesses of Creation. Their improvised scenarios are conceived and practiced with such eccentric passion that one finds oneself literally on the edge of one’s seat. But then, you yourself, will help them create the scenarios by merely offering a one word suggestion when the director asks “What’s concerning or inspiring you?” One or two audience members prefer to participate in a “hands on” way and sculpt the artist by moving her limbs to kick start the creative process. It’s hard to visualize how this strange and amazing tactic works, but it does. From here we’ll leave it up to your imagination! It has to be experienced at Bannam Place Theater in North Beach to be appreciated. I suggest you run, don’t walk to the next show of Lucky Dog Theatre.”

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