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Full Spectrum Improvisation, Storytelling & Solo Performance classes taught by master teacher, Joya Cory, in Marin County and Berkeley, CA

Joya Cory

Joya’s Book


Full Spectrum Improvisation For The Theatre and Life

230 pages, 130 exercises, 44 photos, theory, ideas, vignettes…

Full Spectrum Improvisation is mindfulness in action. It is unscripted theatre embracing the full range of emotional and physical life. You can do it in collaboration with others, or solo, in collaboration with your deepest self. Full Spectrum Improvisation can be alarmingly funny, deeply serious, and everything in between. It can be profoundly therapeutic. Two Worlds at the Same Time reveals what Full Spectrum Improvisation is, how to do it and how it can transform your life. Drawing on 45 years of practice, exploring principles and techniques from physical theatre, dramatic & narrative Improvisation, movement & dance, comedy improv, method acting, creative play & drama therapy, Joya has developed this unique form. Through engaging vignettes, practical exercises, and clarifying wisdom, Joya Cory, the lifelong actor-director- improviser- educator who developed Full Spectrum Improvisation, brings the reader to the source. Whether you are a professional performer, a serious amateur or student, a reluctant public speaker, or anyone longing to develop greater freedom of expression, you will find a wealth of resources within these pages. See a preview of what’s inside. View the Table of Contents here. Or For an excerpt of a FULL SPECTRUM IMPROVISATION exercise from Joya’s book, please click here.
Joya was recently featured on the front of the Sunset Beacon, a local San Francisco newspaper. You can read the article on the Sunset Beacon’s site.

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