Behind the Work

Some attitudes and principles that are helpful for creating Full Spectrum Improvisational Theatre & many other art/ life activities:
  • Trust your own impulses and intuition and don’t worry about what you think the world, (or the class or the teacher) expects of you.
  • Think of the activity as an experiment and be good-natured about the whole process.
  • Relax and welcome the joy of play.
  • Stay present in your body, let your sensory awareness inform you.
  • Let the physical and emotional life lead you to the verbal life of any scene or story.
  • Get to know your “inner critic“ and learn to identify his/her voice. Practice co-existing with the critic without being dominated by him/her/them.
  • Take risks and be willing to make “mistakes”. There are no “right” or “wrong” choices.
  • Connect and co-operate with your partners. Be willing to lead or follow.
  • Listen with your ears, body, eyes, soul.
  • Commit yourself fully to whatever you are doing. Give yourself over to what the work needs.
  • Let go of trying to be “original” or “funny”. That will trigger the judging mind. In theatre we value both the light and shadow side of human experience.
  • Stay in the moment and embrace the reality of the moment, as much as possible.
  • Develop trust so you can tell the truth, emotionally, verbally and physically.


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